Arranging a Viewing

ReStyle Argyll accepts and collects items that are in reasonable condition and bring the sparkle back, making them available for resale at great prices! Donating your pre-loved furniture and white goods is a great way to support the environment and your community.  When you are ready to “pass it on ” simply click here  and complete the contact form.  One of our team will get in touch to arrange a viewing within 5 working days of your enquiry.

During the Viewing

Items are reviewed and assessed before collection is agreed, if they meet our standard of being fit for reuse, we agree a suitable time for collection within 3 working days of viewing – when possible we may collect at time of viewing.


We endeavour to collect items at time of viewing, for the convenience of our customers and to reduce carbon emissions from our logistics operations.

Where this is not possible, we will arrange a collection time within 3 working days of viewing.

What happens next?

Items collected are transferred to quarantine, where they receive a more thorough inspection by our trained volunteers and staff. Any work carried out is noted on a record sheet, before the item is signed off as suitable for sale.

Each partner in ReStyle Argyll has achieved Revolve  certification; this means that we have been tested on how we prepare goods for re-use, testing of goods and health & safety.

Safety tested products means you can buy with confidence knowing that items have been checked and conform to modern safety standards.


We will arrange delivery of your items within 5 working days of purchase. With the health of our environment a key priority, we will choose the delivery method with least additional road miles.  To aid with this we have a contract with Menzies, who operate across Argyll & Bute.  Deliveries are charged per item up to 30 kg at a flat rate of £15.50.  Alternatively you may collect the item, free of delivery charge, from its stored location – the item description will indicate where the item is located.

Why do we weigh items?

An estimated 1,108,000 kg  of furniture and white goods go to landfill or for destruction across Argyll & Bute every year.  Our ambition is to reduce this to ZERO.  Items are weighed so that we can measure the positive impact our customers are having in diverted goods from landfill.  With your support we will create a culture of making things last for the benefit of our communities.


ReStyle Argyll supports volunteers looking to get back to work with training in retail, furniture and white goods refurbishment and customer service. We use revenue from sale of reused items and seek investment to support work-based training opportunities and where sustainable create full time jobs.


Make things last and support your local social enterprises

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ReStyle Argyll will accept and collect items that are in reasonable condition and bring the sparkle back, making them available for resale at great prices!

Please complete our Donate form with your details and we will get back to you within 5 working days.