Everything we do is about the environment and people.  We have a Zero Waste ethos and believe things should be made to last.  We hold values that there is dignity in work and everyone should have opportunity to develop skills and gain employment.  These two principles are the driving passions behind ReStyle Argyll.  ReStyle Argyll is a collaboration of four partners to bring quality re-used furniture to all areas of Argyll & Bute.

Fyne Futures

Fyne Futures Ltd, registered charity (SC036392), and Company Limited by Guarantee (SC279734)  based on Isle of Bute.  The objectives of our social enterprise are to:

Fyne Futures operate a number of activities including:

Kintyre Logo

Kintyre Recycling Limited, a Scottish charity, (SC037742) incorporated under the Companies Acts with registered number SC300160/

Kintyre Recycling Limited provides recycling services to the Kintyre peninsula. By operating as a social enterprise, Kintyre Recycling provides employment to people with special/social needs and learning disabilities.

Kintyre Recycling has two main objectives:


Grab Logo


LORI is delivered by GRAB (Group for Recycling in Argyll and Bute Trust Ltd),  a Scottish charity,  (SC029154), incorporated under the Companies Acts with registered number (SC197229).

Lorn and Oban Reuse Initiative (LORI) opened to the public in 2009, now part of The GRAB Trust, whose aims are to:


Re Jog Logo


Re-Jig a Scottish charity, (SC030558), incorporated under the Companies Acts with registered number (SC248808).

Re-Jig (Recycle-Jura/Islay Group) aim to deliver tangible benefits to the local community, local economy and wider environment of Islay and Jura.  The core objectives of the company are:

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